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Defy Gravity

The “zero gravity” position provided by The Perfect Chair cradles your back and elevates your legs above your heart, which is the position doctors recommend as the healthiest way to sit. Sitting on a zero gravity chair relaxes and rejuvenates the spine by naturally decompressing the vertebrae. A zero gravity recliner also helps to expand lung capacity to allow for deeper, more relaxed breathing.

Perfection At
Any Angle

While the flexible position helps to achieve relief from discomfort, most customers also extensively use their chair in other positions. With 3D EasePoint Technology™, body weight is evenly distributed over the entire seating surface using medical grade mineral pods to fully eliminate uncomfortable, unhealthy and painful pressure points. Enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of our renowned solution in any seating position.

grey leather zero gravity chair

The Finest Materials

With the discipline and wisdom that can only come from years of experience, we carefully researched and selected each component to move our vision into action. All materials are polished, matched or finished to obtain the highest level of luster and brilliance. Aesthetically and technically, our solution reflects Human Touch’s commitment to creating products of superior quality and value. The result is a chair that uniquely and beautifully combines form and function perfectly.

The Strength of Steel

High-tensile strength steel is sandblasted, cleaned and powder-coated with a protective surface ensuring long-term durability and a smooth, quiet glide when reclining.
leather steel elements zero gravity chair

Premium Craftsmanship

Drawing on our decades of experience, our precision-engineered chairs are in a class of their own, delivering quality and an experience you won't find anywhere else.
wooden elements zero gravity chair

The Warmth of Wood

Our hand-carved and hand-sanded solid wood base is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis (the rubber tree), which yields one of the strongest woods on earth. The result – rich, lustrous beauty that lasts for years and years.
wooden elements zero gravity recliner

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